The Staff


Founder of Sneaky Kitty Studios, Ideas Kitty, this kitty is the Lead Illustrator for the project, creating beautiful backgrounds and expressive characters, as well as the UI and a host of small animations! Adorable, lovable, and highly emotional, you should give her a hug if you see her!

Silk Wright

Project Manger, Writer, Director, she handles a bunch of stuff, being the in-between for just about everyone in the studio! Largely responsible for the direction of the project, and the decision maker when ideas are in contention, she’s just trying to make sure things run well, and that deadlines are met.


Lead Programmer, familiar with a host of different code bases, he’s in charge of the infrastructure of the project, including the creation of our development platform itself! From renderers to audio logic systems, Error’s working with it all! The shadow- master of the group, making sure everything works in the background.

The Cast


A mysterious bat-pony of mystical talents! Voice of Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and more! Give her a shout out on the Patreon or in our Discord!


Meet Otis, a wonderful, cutie mare with a wonderful singing voice! Voice of Rarity, Apple Bloom, and more in the future! Check out her Youtube below!


A saucy siren from the sea, be careful she doesn’t eat you! Her wonderful vocal talents lead character such as Twilight Sparkle, Octavia Melody, Scootaloo, and more! Check out her projects, twitter, and other sources below!